Professional Supplier Plastic Injection Baby Bath Tub Mould Die Makers

Professional Supplier Plastic Injection Baby Bath Tub Mould Die Makers

Mold Name: Plastic Baby Chair Bath Chair Mold Mold specification: Company overview: Packing detail:
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Product Details

We uphold the concept of providing customers with value-added services. What is sold is not just a single product, but a excellent Plastic Aluminum Leg Arm Chair Mold, Plastic Injection Tray Mold, Drawer Mold solution for customers, which brings real value enhancement to customers. Honesty is the guarantee for the development of an enterprise and the spiritual power to promote the improvement of enterprise productivity. We rely on innovative technology, advanced business philosophy and high-quality staff.


Mold Name:  Plastic Baby Chair Bath Chair Mold


Mold specification: 

plastic baby's chair mold  Parameters

Cavity/Core Material

P20 or As Your Required

Product Raw Material



Single cavity

Cycle Time


Runner System

Hot runner, Cold runner


Good Polishing

Mold Guarantee


Mould standard

HASCO, DME, or by requested etc.


CAD, Pro-E, UG, Solidwork


± 0.02mm

Main Technique

Milling, Grinding, CNC , Engraving ,EDM, Wire-cutting etc.


Wooden Case

Company overview:





Packing detail: 


In order to adapt to the changes in the market, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, meet the diversified needs of customers, our company will be committed to absorbing more professionals, improve the development efforts and technical content and provide high-quality Professional Supplier Plastic Injection Baby Bath Tub Mould Die Makers and services for each customer. We have set up a customer service center, with a short-term rapid response mechanism, able to respond to customer needs. We need to continuously expand our company's business scope and provide customers with better services, so that more people can choose us then truly increase our economic efficiency.
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