What Should Be Paid Attention To During Mold Forging Process

- Apr 24, 2018-

During the forging process, the following points should be noted:

1. Selection and adjustment of forging equipment.

Before forging press, the weight of forging hammer should be selected according to the importance of forging. Before starting the forging pressure, the hammer head and the hammer should be predetermined.


2. Preparation of blank.

The blank of forgings is usually bar material, should be cut off with cold sawing, should not adopt earnest, lest produce burr to cause the end to cause fold when upsetting.

Or crack.

3. Heating of the blank.

(1). The billet should be carried out slowly during heating, so as to prevent the rapid heating, so as to avoid overheating.

(2). When heating, the upper limit temperature should be strictly limited. If it is found to be overheated, if it is found to be overheated, it should be cooled in the furnace and then hit.

(3). When heating with the furnace, there should be a gap between the parts and the parts, and should be constantly turned to make the heating even.

4. Forging of billet.

(1) when forging, first of all, it should be lightly beaten. After removing the oxide skin, it should be carried out according to the process requirements. When the piers are allocated, the blank placement is correct.

(2). When upsetting, it should be advanced riveting and chamfering, then upsetting, and often turning 180 degrees. If the forging is found to bend, the school should be timely.

Positive to prevent folding.

(3). The amount of each hammer should not be too large, and it should be 30 to 40mm. If the incoming quantity is too large, the hammer force will increase accordingly.

The temperature of the center part of billet is higher, which is prone to crack. In the long process, the corner produces cracks, should be removed immediately, casting mould in.

Line of the forging. The forgings are too long to be dialed, usually less than three times as much as the billet.

(4) forgings to avoid punching. If the hole must be punched, the taper of the hole should not be too large.

5. Cooling of forgings.

The blank pieces of forging forming shall be placed in a lime box or a sandbox pit or placed in an air cooler or placed in a 4000-650 degree. After a period of insulation in the thermal insulation furnace,

Let it cool slowly.

Pay attention to safety when forging.