Manual Door And Window Stamping Die

- Apr 24, 2018-

Today is a bit busy, many customers are constantly consulting the door and window stamping die, because every year in March in guangzhou, there is a very big exhibition, the place.

As many customers want to have more samples to participate in the exhibition, the most consultation today is our hand pressing mould. Let me introduce our manual.

The mould

* humanization design of mold layout, increase work efficiency.

* combined design, easy to remove and replace the mold.

* the mold is treated with high quality die steel and improved heat treatment process.

* suitable for mass production, saving human resources and low cost in the long run.

* each frame can be installed with 5-10 stations, depending on the different aluminum specifications.

After I finished the introduction, several customers decided to send the materials, because all we did was custom-made molds, not in stock, so the mold was opened.

It must be material, we all need to help the customer to have a problem before the factory. The quality must be the first.