Introduction Of Casting Mould Consultation And Casting Mould Floor And Sand Box

- Apr 24, 2018-

Due to the positioning effect of flat positioning pin and flat positioning sleeve, flat positioning pin and flat positioning sleeve are parallel to the two flat surfaces during manufacture.

The degree and symmetry requirements are higher, the average is 0.025mm, and the flat surface is required to be parallel to the two positioning holes. They have shipped

Movable body in the class group, through the workshop, the group to the various posts have the strength of the staff to organize, specially set up "worker technician salon", gather.

The intelligence and strength of the staff to deal with the problems in the production site. The forging workshop used to lack the oil cylinder detection trick, can not distinguish the repair.

Whether the cylinder is normal or not, there is often a need for equipment to stop. "Worker technician salon" is aimed at problem point, through careful study, oneself system.

A hydraulic platform was built to eliminate the downtime due to the replacement of the oil cylinder, which reduced the labor intensity of the maintenance workers. Mold base plate with

The sandbox asks a set of positioning pins and a set of positioning sets. In order to avoid the sand box in the shape or the box when the card dies (that is, the positioning pin and fixed.

The bits are not fit to fit in or not to be separated, so one end is matched as a positioning end with a round positioning pin and a round positioning sleeve, and the other end.

With flat positioning pin and flat positioning sleeve to match, the width is biased to the orientation and the length of the direction of the effect, so often the flat pin is called the guide pin, flat sleeve.

It is called a guide sleeve, and the guide pin is sometimes rounded. The upper and lower mold base plate of the popular mechanical molding machine is positioned and sold.

Pin. When the box is closed, the box will be used for closing the box. However, the active molding line is the positioning sleeve of the lower sand box device, and the upper sand box device is located pin, because.

While modeling, the positioning pin of the lower plate device is positioned and the positioning sleeve of the upper die lever device, some molding lines, each cycle of each cycle, the sandbox should be adjusted once, so up.

The two locating pins of the sand box must be flat pin. When the arc surface is in common with the round sleeve, the positioning effect is achieved. When the flat surface is matched with the flat set.