Four Precautions For Preventing Air Leakage Of Aluminum Doors And Windows In Winter

- Apr 24, 2018-

In winter, we usually like to close the doors and Windows, because it will be a little warmer, but we find the winter in many cases.

Season door and window seal degree is not very good can leak wind, so, if we don't let aluminium door window leak wind what aspect need to do? The following is a punch.

The furniture of the mould factory is to introduce the four important precautions for the prevention of air leakage of aluminum doors and Windows in winter.

The door and window sections are not smooth.

The main reason that door window leaks wind is to be in the density of door window fan and frame, the formation of profile is the important factor that affects the density. shaped

The flatness is not enough or deformed, can make door window fan and frame have certain aperture, cause leak. Therefore, it is very important to select the moulds of the profile.

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The sealing strip is defective or aged.

Sealing strip is the key of door and window seal, the seal quality of the current market is very different. High quality sealing strip has strong toughness and wear resistance.

It is not easy to break; The poor quality seal is very fragile, easy to corrode, break, and can not reach the sealing effect. If the sealing strip is not installed well, appear.

Uneven or drum conditions can lead to air leakage.

There are cracks between the frame and the wall.

In the process of door and window installation, many winter doors and Windows seal workers because of rush or cut corners, do not make the door frame, window frame and wall between the secret.

Sealing work. Especially the old house, the wall is loose in the settlement process, and the density of the door window frame is reduced. If the waterproof glue is not spread evenly.

When the sealant is not done, or the expansion bolts are not nailed, there is no "tight fit" between the frame and the wall. Rain in summer.

In the autumn and winter, there is a leak.

The hardware lock is not fastened.

The quality of hardware and Windows is also closely related to the sealing performance. Especially the flat window, it relies on the hardware of the transmission to carry on the seal, if transmission.

The quality of the device is not good, it is easy to escape from the edge of the window fan. At present the door window hardware that sells on the market has domestic and import cent. Domestic hardware one.

There are two lock points, and the imported hardware usually has three lock points. The principle is that when the doors and Windows are locked, the lockers are firmly locked.

Buckle together, with hinge or sliding support, produce strong sealing pressure, make the sealing strip elastic deformation, thus provide to the door window enough.

Sealing performance. Accordingly, lock fastens the hardware that does not hold fast, can make the sealing performance of door window is greatly reduced.