Daily Maintenance Of Precision Rotary Cutting Machine

- Apr 24, 2018-

1. The aluminum cutting machine should ensure the stability of the power supply. Any electronic equipment is required for this aspect. The instability of the power supply will often bring the equipment f transportation.

The instability of the line, in the long run destroyed the machine performance, even burned the motherboard or power board.

2. The data line interface should be connected well and firmly, should place the data line, can not be pulled or kicked to mix, otherwise may have trouble or even burn.

3. To regularly dust the equipment, because most of the material is paper, so the dust will be more, regular cleaning, usually one to two weeks.

Once is appropriate.

Four. Do not overuse the pad under the pressure wheel, because the cutting groove is deep not only the cutting effect is not good (especially at the corner), it will also cause the knife.

The sharp damage accelerates the wear of the tool cap and makes noise.

Five. The parameters of the knife and pen should be adjusted well. If the pressure is too high and the speed is too fast, it can easily cause some minor problems, such as scratching the alarm,

Crash, etc. Therefore, it should be appropriate to adjust the parameters when changing the material.

Six. Before turning off the machine, the program should be removed so that the output content is cleared.

Seven. The tablet should be protected from scratch, otherwise it will destroy the electrostatic adsorption and even failure.

Eight. When the machine has a slight fault, it should be solved in time. There are some simple problems that we can solve on the phone.

Save cost, small failure time can cause other problems, even burn the motherboard, so we need to consult and solve in time.

Nine. Some users will replace some of the shanzhai parts by themselves, and the effect looks like it will be done in the first place. It won't be long before it will be different.

As a result, there are many other problems, and we all know that precision equipment is very good for overall matching, especially for Japanese imported electronic equipment, such as long.

The use of shanzhai accessories will result in the instability of the equipment and greatly shorten its service life. Pay attention to maintenance, use good when necessary.

Spare parts or consumables to ensure the good operation of the equipment.