Centralized And Decentralized Process Of Design Casting Molds

- Apr 24, 2018-

The same casting mould's workpiece, the same processing content, can arrange two kinds of different forms of process: one is the process concentration another.

The process is fragmented. The so-called process concentration is to include as many steps as possible in each process, thus reducing the total number of procedures and fixtures.

The number of jobs and the number of relocations are also reduced. The so-called process dispersion is to disperse the work step content in the process route in more processes.

To complete, so the production of each process in the casting mold is less, the process route is long.

1. Features of process concentration.

1. It is conducive to the use of high productivity specialized equipment and technological equipment, which can greatly improve labor productivity;

2. Reduced the number of processes and shortened process routes, thus simplifying production planning and production organization;

3. Reduced the number of equipment and correspondingly reduced operating workers and production area;

4. Reduce the number of installation times of the workpiece, do not shorten the auxiliary time, and the surface with more processing is also easy to guarantee these surfaces.

Relative position accuracy;

5. The special equipment and process equipment are more complex, the production preparation and investment are relatively large, and the transformation of new products is difficult.

2. Characteristics of process dispersion.

1. The equipment and process equipment are relatively simple, easy to adjust, easy to master and easy to adapt to the transformation of products;

2. The most reasonable cutting amount can be used to reduce the maneuvering time;

3. There are more Numbers, more operators and larger production areas.

The concentration of processes is characterized by dispersion. In drawing up the process route, the process focuses on the degree of dispersion, the number of processes, the main.

Depending on the production scale and the structural features and technical requirements of the parts. Batch hours, to simplify production planning management work, more process appropriate concentration.

To reduce the number of processes by making more surface machining of the universal machine tools. Large batch, can use multiple - knife, multi-axis and other efficient machine tools.

When the process is concentrated, the process can also be distributed to organize the production of water. Due to the advantages of concentrated process, the development of modern production tends to work.

Sequence set.