What is the new leap in casting mold industry

- Apr 24, 2018-

The reform and opening policy has brought a new leap to the foundry mold industry. A large number of small state-owned enterprises, towns and individual mold manufacturers have been developed.

Spring has sprung up, presenting a pattern of white flowers and a hundred schools of thought.

At present, the domestic foundry mold market is still large, and its market potential includes two aspects: one is the large quantity of molds. For example, wuxi diesel.

The machine factory has only one mould repair shop, the new product development and the copy mould manufacture all outside the order, estimate each year only the tin wood this one need cylinder body metal.

Mold 2-3 sets, output value of about 2-3 million yuan. The new TQ1 material developed by Germany KIND has successfully combined the high toughness of the two types of steel.

And high temperature resistance. Its chemical composition embodies the most advanced technology research in Europe, not only containing extremely low phosphorus and sulfur content, but also.

Harmful trace elements such as aluminum, boron, copper and zinc also meet the minimum standards.

In terms of market size, no matter the output value or domestic demand, Japan's decline is most obvious. In China's foundry industry, the proportion of hand moulding is decreasing year by year.

In addition, the proportion of wood moulding is also decreasing, mainly used for large and medium-sized castings of single and small batch production. High in operating costs.

Wages, high welfare issues, so downstream industry or mold manufacturers gradually move production sites to neighboring emerging industrial countries or technologies into the country.