The plastic mold industry should adjust its direction

- Apr 24, 2018-

Faced with the changes of the market, the mold industry is not only aware of the traditional business model, but the mold industry has also made changes to the market.

Corresponding industrial adjustment. The extended product line is the main method adopted by the mold industry. In the current market segment, the mold industry turns to small and fine.

The development model is naturally wise. However, small and fine road stone mold products are mainly sold to the upper market, general mold enterprises if they are to.

The small and refined route, the result will only be a basket of water. Small and fine mold products take up less space, but the mold system.

As the process requirements are higher, the production technology of the mold enterprise will only make the product small but not fine if it does not meet the requirements, which will not satisfy the upper market.


Of course, market segmentation will also breed other markets, and mold companies may not necessarily be close to the upper market, however, emerging market space and current.

Compared with the market of mass line, the space is bound to shrink, which means that the competition pressure of mold enterprises will be greater and the demand for enterprises will be higher.

. If the mold company can not adapt to the new market, even if only one step wrong, it is possible to lose the game. In fact, no matter what line of refinement.

, still go the popular route, the mold enterprise should concern first is its own strength. If strength can support enterprises to climb higher platforms, nature.

It can be bold to try, but the weak, unable to meet the new market demand of the enterprise, if forced and will only be counterproductive.

It is true that the development route of the mould industry will choose to turn small and the essence is due to the market transition. The market transition is brutal, and the mold.

The industry is also a good and bad, a large number of small mold enterprises can withstand the market of the great wave, is still an unknown, mold enterprises.

It is also reasonable to take this approach for self-preservation. But in the battle field, the mold industry needs to be extremely careful every step of the way, so.

It is the path that the mold industry should take.

For today's mold enterprises, it is crucial to preserve the strength of development and improve the competition of enterprises, which is not ideal in the market condition.

Under the circumstances, enterprises should not blindly expand the market to attempt to increase market share. In this way, the enterprise will gain nothing. There is a saying in China:

"There is no fear of burning the hills."