The mold factory's opinion on discoloration

- Apr 24, 2018-

We often find that the mold is not the ideal silver bright color, what causes it?

There are generally three situations:

1. Mould processing and processing.

When the die steel is treated with nitrogen, it is easy to make the mold surface become black and blue, which is an easy phenomenon in the process of high temperature nitriding.

2 mold injection process.

In the process of product production, the temperature of the material cylinder is too high, which can cause the decomposition of plastic, and it can be turned black on the mold and some plastics.

The additives also can be decomposed in the heat, such as ultraviolet absorbent antistatic agent release agent.

3 mold design

Some of the mold design is not paid attention to the pressure flow rate of the sprue of the mold, the friction is too hot, the exhaust of the mold is also very important, when the exhaust is bad,

The temperature is concentrated and the coking becomes black.

Therefore, in order to make the mold more "beautiful", we should consider the mold cavity number, weight, shadow area and other parameters of the product in the design, and try to gate it.

Reasonable exhaust design. The product will be inspected and cleaned up for a period of time.