Reasons for the bursting of plastic mold

- Apr 24, 2018-

Plastic mold has been widely recognized by people now, and a lot of customers have adopted the plastic mould, and the slope protection mold has been developed for more than ten years.

It has entered the process of upgrading, and a large number of plastic molds are flowing to the first-line construction sites in various provinces of China each year, which is the national infrastructure every year.

The construction plays a big role, such mold and other mould have reached the upgrade moment, the raw material needs to upgrade first, the existing material.

We can't meet the requirements of our use, the machine equipment needs to be upgraded, the existing machine equipment needs to be maintained and updated, many machines are set.

Aging is not enough to meet our requirements. The following is a summary of the following basic mold bursting causes, reminding everyone.

To guard against.

Cause analysis of die burst:

1. The mold material is not good enough to be broken in subsequent processing.

2. Heat treatment: the tempering process of quenching and tempering is improper.

3. The grinding plane of the mould is not enough, and the flexure deformation is generated.

4. Design process: the mold strength is not enough, the blade spacing is too close, the mold structure is not reasonable, and the number of template blocks is not enough.

5. Improper handling of wire cutting: cut the cable, the clearance is not correct, and no clear Angle is made.

6. Selection of punch equipment: tonnage of punch, not enough blanking force, too deep adjustment.

7. Off-loading difficulties: no demagnetization treatment before production, no retractable tip; In the production, there are broken needle break spring and other card material.

8. Bad luck: when assembling the mold, there is no leakage, or roll up the excrement, and fill the foot.

9. Production consciousness: laminated sheet stamping, positioning is not in place, no air blowing gun is used, and the cracks in the template continue to be produced.

In current market production, we use plastic equipment to make molds most of the time, and the mold is now used in industrial technology.

With a wide range of product equipment, it can be said to have many different USES in our current use. On the market

In production, considering the durability of the mold in use, durability and new material problems. This is the plastic mold we talked about.

The slope protection mould is widely used as one of the plastic mould equipment, the use of the slope protection mould in the present market, also has many kinds of occasions.

Each occasion in use has its own advantages.