Material selection of pipe fitting mould

- Apr 24, 2018-

It is widely used in cars, buildings and buildings, such as moulding, accurate size, embeddable parts, high productivity, easy to achieve modernization, and less post-processing.

Household appliances, food, medicine and other fields. The selection of plastic mold is critical to the good economic benefit of plastic industrial production.

Therefore, it is necessary for mould designers to understand the basic requirements of mold materials and select appropriate materials.

PE pipe fittings mold working conditions and cold punching die is different, generally must work under the 150 ℃ to 200 ℃, except under certain pressure

And the temperature. According to the conditions of plastic molding tool and the different processing methods, the basic properties of the plastic mold are required.

The results are summarized as follows:

The hardness of PE pipe dies is usually below 50-60hrc, and the mould with heat treatment should have enough surface hardness to ensure that the mold is enough.

Stiffness. In the work, due to the plastic filling and flow, the mold should be subjected to greater compressive stress and friction, and the precision and ruler of the mould should be kept in shape.

The stability of inch precision ensures sufficient service life of the die. The wear resistance of the mould depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment hardness of the steel.

Improving the hardness of the mould will improve its wear resistance.

Excellent machinability.

Most PE pipe dies, except for EMD processing, must be machined and fitter. To extend the service life of cutting tool.

In order to improve the cutting performance and reduce the surface roughness, the hardness of the steel should be suitable.