Identification method of plastic mould for plastic mold

- Apr 24, 2018-

The raw material of the plastic mold is known to be plastic, so the plastic mold can be recycled after use, you know? The street is always

It's a collection of waste materials that you know, they can be recycled and then they can be added to the new material to be used again, and of course waste.

Or recycle plastic to make new molds that are not as good as the plastic molds made from raw materials.

Recycled plastic refers to the process of processing and processing waste plastics by means of pretreatment, melt granulation, modification and other physical or chemical methods.

The plastic material is the reuse of plastic. It is also one of the main materials for plastic mold processing. So, how to identify the recycled plastic?

1. Look at the color: the lighter the color, the wider the range, the higher the grade. If white, it can be adjusted to many other colors, and it can also be used as a white product.

The same price is high. Secondly, because of the need of the product, various ingredients are added to the raw materials.

2. The content of stone powder: the higher the content of stone powder, the lower the grade, the lower the price.

You will also feel heavy in your hand and burn it, and then the burning part will turn out to be gray. Also, you should pay attention to enhancing the product, which can be used to enhance the product.

PA, PBT, PP and so on, the price is not high. According to the proportion of raw materials to judge whether the mixture can be reused, the most current problem is ABS and.

PS mutual mixing,PC and PMMA intermix,PVC sheet material and PEl, sheet material intermixing,PE and PP each half intermixed, these materials intermixed, because the density is similar, it is difficult to use.

Third, the recycled plastic material is not pure: the more pure the material, the higher the grade; The material is not pure, the grade is low, some mixed material even no one wants.

When plastic mold is processed, waste plastic is directly crushed into powder or granular form, still can distinguish what material. And then raw material is?

How many times do you know how many times you can't tell exactly what you're going to get, and how many times you're going to be graded, at least initially, at a special level?

, grade one, grade two.