Green manufacturing becomes the development direction of the slope mold

- Apr 24, 2018-

Our country is a big country for the protection of slope dies. However, it still does not get rid of the extensive mode of high input, high consumption and high emission.

At the same time, the social wealth has had a serious impact on our ecological environment. Nowadays, it is urgent to promote the green development of China's manufacturing industry.

Critical moment.

Under the situation of increasing economic downward pressure, green manufacturing has become the development direction of "made in China".

So, how to promote the green development in the current level of uneven slope protection mold manufacturing industry? This requires traditional manufacturing and emerging industries.

Industry combination, through green transformation to reduce energy consumption and pollution emission, green, intelligent road; We will comprehensively promote green science and technology innovation and structure.

Build a green manufacturing system, in the raw material selection, production process, green consumption, recycling and other links for the overall design.

Green development seeks a way out.

"Advancing the green development of our manufacturing industry has reached a very urgent and critical moment." China's manufacturing industry is generally in the industry, gao said.

In the middle and low end of the chain, high energy consumption of product resources and labor cost advantage have been weakened. In addition, the current economy has entered a stage of rapid growth and downward pressure.

Force is larger. In the global "green economy" reform, we need to build a strong country and make overall use of two resources and two markets. We urgently need to accelerate the system.

Building a green development.

Gao yunhu believes that the energy consumption and the total emission amount of major pollutants in steel, building materials, paper making, plastic and slope moulds are in the future.

There will be an inflection point in the year of development. This is a rare historical opportunity to implement structural adjustment and promote transformation and upgrading.

We need to implement green technology innovation, and promote the renewal and greening of production capacity.

Traditional emerging must be combined.

"From the direction of structural adjustment, we will continue to vigorously develop the advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries. Even though these are high.

Added value, high technology content industry and products, but also have a lot of energy consumption, should pay attention to green from the beginning, can not walk the old.

Road, wait for pollution and then control." "Said gao.

In the emerging field, the focus of developing green manufacturing is to build a green whole industry chain, and enhance the green design, green production and green technology of enterprises.

Green management ability, improve product green operation, green recycling, green regeneration level, encourage the application of green energy, use green packaging, implementation.

Green marketing and green trade. At the same time, we will accelerate the application of information and communication technologies, and drive smart grids, smart buildings, multi-network integration and wisdom.

Can logistics and other construction, promote energy saving and carbon reduction.

"Full implementation of green manufacturing, technological progress and innovation will remain one of the decisive factors." Gao yunhu said, to highlight green engineering technology.

We should strengthen green science and technology innovation, accelerate the development and application of advanced and economically feasible and practical technologies, and actively organize the implementation of the system.

The integrated and systematic green solution for energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and pollution control.

Green manufacturing emphasizes the technological innovation of the whole life cycle, namely, the innovation of traditional design, manufacturing technology and production mode, and comprehensively realizing greening.

To build a green manufacturing system, including ecological design, green plant construction, green manufacturing, recycling and green promotion.

The overall system of color consumption.

For example, the ministry of industry and information technology is vigorously promoting ecological design, starting from the design of the scheme to consider the environment and resources in the product life cycle.

Sound, in the raw material selection, production process, green consumption, effective recycling and other links to develop green manufacturing.